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Evolved Muscle-Where Modern Day Supplementation Meets Old Fashioned Working Out!

From start to finish we are here for you. Supplements, Coaching and Nutrition. Clean, All In One Efficient Energy Drinks and  Superior Therapy for Anti Aging, Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement.


For Men

The God of war was known for his tenacity and dominion over the battlefield but he was also known for his vast wisdom. Like the God of War, it takes wisdom to know when to change your plan of attack. If the warrior you once were has become sluggish, we’ll help you kick his sorry ass out of bed with Testosterone Based Supplements. Normal hormone levels are essential to living a happy healthy life, and low Testosterone could be the reason you’re not feeling yourself. This treatment has a wide range of benefits that can improve your body’s natural ability to manage stress, enhance your cognitive function, increase your stamina, and help you lose weight.

For Women

Become the Warrior Queen you’ve always wanted to be. Let Evolved Muscle be your key to unlocking your inner Amazon and dominating your daily battleground. Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) can help your quality of sleep, improve your mood, prevent bone loss and fractures, prevent thinning hair, and increase your cognitive and muscular function. Not only that, but HRT can reduce your risk of heart failure. Whether it’s at work, or after yoga, break free of pressure and pain with our incredible products designed to help you succeed. Welcome to a world of not only meeting your goals, but exceeding your own expectations. Unleash your inner Xena.

About Evolved Muscle

Our goal is to keep your hormones in check and create the ultimate life. Not only do we incorporate science into our hormone therapy but we provide nutritional and dietary knowledge and wisdom to achieve the optimal body you’ve always wanted and deserve.

Furthermore, Evolved Muscle has the best science based products for you to pursue your Body Building and Fitness journey. So, if you are unsure of where to start, we encourage you to contact us and take the initial step you a NEW YOU!!!


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