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Lipo Lab Kit-10 Vials

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Main Ingredient: 1.000mg high purity PPC*, Sodium Deoxycholate**
Other Ingredients: Water, Phosphatidylcholine***, Sodium deoxycholate, Carnitine, Benzyl alcohol, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben

*PCC is the latest solution for battling obesity and sources raw materials made in Germany which are known for their safety, effectiveness and 99.8% purity rating.
**Sodium Deoxycholate is of Japanese Origin and is known for its high purity rating at 98%.


Volume : 10 vials x 10ml
Storage instruction : Keep away from direct sunlight
Country of Manufacture : South Korea
Manufacturer : GSM Korea
Expiration Date : 24 months from manufacturing date


When using a cosmetic or aesthetic product, it is always important to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Please regard the following information with caution.

Shake the vials well to ensure that the liquid is mixed. No residue or deposited particles should be stuck to the bottom of the vial.

Taking a 12-13mm needle, inject 0.15-0.2cc* per injection point with 1cm intervals.

Repeat this process 2-3 times a month at 10-15 day intervals.

*In the case of abdomen and waist procedures, inject 0.2~0.4cc in one spot before moving on to the next. The space between injections should be half an inch or a centimeter apart. Clients can consume a total of PPC 2-5 vials at a time, depending on their obesity degree. This treatment is recommended 2-3 times a month at 10-15 day intervals. The process should result in a reduction of 4-6 inches around the waist.

In the case of the double chin, armpit, upper arm, and thigh, the injection quantity should be regulated according to the obesity degree of the specific area.

Please take note to inject PPC subcutaneously, as the solution can dissolve muscles and nerves. For thicker areas, a longer needle will be required. If you are unsure about the dosage or needle type, consult a medical professional for advice.


When it comes to post-treatment care, there are several important factors to take note of to ensure the best possible results. As PPC treatments consume a vast amount of water, patients are always required to drink as much as possible before and after the treatment. Lukewarm water is recommended.

In addition, avoid exercise and take a sufficient amount of rest for up to two weeks. If there are raised or bumpy areas on the body where the solution did not reach properly, PPC cream can be used to help streamline the results.


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